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Beginner Baubles Complete Collection (PDF + Foundry VTT)

Beginner Baubles Complete Collection (PDF + Foundry VTT)


Kickstart your next campaign!

Beginner Baubles is a collection of 200 special 5th Edition magic items designed for 1st-level characters and intended to make character creation even more thrilling, rewarding, and collaborative than ever before!

With Beginner Baubles, every hero is blessed with a powerful gift at the start of their adventuring career, a boon worthy of the brave deeds and legendary feats of the hallowed heroes of yesteryear in whose footsteps they walk as they embark on their own grand adventure.

This complete collection includes digital versions of all ten original entries in the series (with Premium and Printer-friendly PDFs provided) as well as a license key that will allow you to unlock your content on Foundry VTT. You must have a Foundry account and access to the software in order to be able to utilise the license key.

This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Beginner Baubles Foundry VTT License Key
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Foundry VTT

Foundry Integration

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Beginner Baubles: Articles of the Arts
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Watermarked PDF

Articles of the Arts

The seventh entry in the Beginner Baubles line, Articles of the Arts presents 20 inventive and imaginative baubles perfect for use by visionaries and creatives alike. Actors, artists, bards, musicians, painters, poets, skalds, writers, and others who value the creative arts and imaginative expression over all else will all discover a collection of culturally significant masterpieces to inspire them here.

Articles of the Arts includes the following baubles:

  • Caster's Ghillies. This pair of decorative dancing shoes allows their wearer to cast spells through dance, losing themselves in a world of rhythm and motion.
  • Fireflute. This giant reed has been dryed, preserved, and fashioned into an end-blown flute that heralds the power to influence fire and control fire elementals.
  • Helm of the Murmillo. This pit fighter's helm is perfect for use in gladatorial arenas, both impressive and daunting. Those who wear it strike an imposing figure and their blows often lead to visceral overkill.
  • Imobius. This magical bow utilizes special effects and fake pyrotechnics to serve theater troupes and other performers in stage productions.
  • Ingastrimyte. This peculiar ventriloquist puppet is much more than mundane, able to animate under its master's control, misdirect their foes, and aid in clairvoyant readings.
  • Shadowplay. Able to serve as a light source, this fold-out shadow puppet theater is also able to shadow a cadre of shadows to fight on behalf of its director.
Beginner Baubles: Eastern Riches
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Watermarked PDF

Eastern Riches

The ninth entry in the Beginner Baubles line, Eastern Riches presents 20 exotic and rarefied baubles that hail from distant shores and faroff lands. Ninjas, samurais, weapons masters or collectors, geishas, monks, rogues, travellers, shoguns, and worldly folk with an interest in distant cultures will all find somethinng to pique their interest here.

Eastern Riches includes the following baubles:

  • Beastly Kanabō. Large and unwieldy even for a full-blooded orc, creatures able to lift this humongous kanabō can use it to squash small foes and shatter brittle ones, or else brace doors against intruders.
  • Mask of the Oni. This peculiar mask bears a strong resemblance to the striking visage of an oni and a creature who wears it is easily able to mimic one of the notorious ogres.
  • Meditative Mat. Both restful and restorative, a creature able to unwind and limber up by performing some light exercises with this mat benefits from their time on it in several key ways.
  • Tsukodaiko. It's difficult to tell which is more fascinating, that this unusual den-den daiko has come to obtain sentience, or that it uses its wits to oppose oppressive oni, and other bullies, wherever it can find them.
  • Rechabubu. Used in a variety of traditional tea ceremonies, this ornate tea set is adorned with a three-dimensional representation of a fiery wyrm and has a number of magical blessing bestowed upon it.
  • Yippy-yahooza. Handy during festivals and celebrations, this firework-launching bazooka has been magically adapted to also load and fire all manner of other ammunition too.
Beginner Baubles: Esoteric Charms
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Watermarked PDF

Esoteric Charms

The eighth entry in the Beginner Baubles line, Esoteric Charms presents 20 obscure, opaque, and often occult baubles perfect for use by those with a firm heart and unflinching determination in the face of the unknown. Champions of the light, cultists, researchers into the dark arts, sectarians, shamans, vampire hunters, warlocks, witchdoctors, witches, and those who belong to secretive orders will all unearth a relic of cultural or religious significance to aid them in the fight against, or indeed for, evil here.

Esoteric Charms includes the following baubles:

  • Dancer's Dirge. This unsettling music box is no ordinary carillons à musique, as even ghosts shudder as it falteringly strikes its offkey notes to form a children's lullaby in a bizarrely dischordant, moribund fashion.
  • Phantasmal Rail. This gothic rail has long since lost its tarred canvas curtain, though it has gained a friend in the form of the ghostly apparition whose spirit resides within it and serves as both a bane and boon to the one who wields the rail.
  • Xeixaura's Hand. This perfectly preserved hand once belonged to a tiefling chiromancer and has been severed, deboned, mounted on a wooden stand, and decorated with dark musing and eldritch symbols–what dark powers could it posses?
  • Monstrous Matryoshkas. This collection of painted stacking dolls is anything but a child's toy. Each doll in the set is decorated in the style of a demon and at its heart resides a vial of demon's blood.
  • Eye of Ojb. Formed of willow bound together with purple string to form a web and decorated with a pair of bird skulls, other bones, fangs, claws, feathers, beads, and gemstones, this creepy dreamcatching is as eerie as it is eye-catching.
  • Head of Zorbo. You'd be forgiven for assuming that the spark of life has long since departed this shunken, severed goblin head. However, thanks to ancient rituals and forbidden rites known only to practitioners of voodoo witchcraft, a semblance of life permeates it yet.
Beginner Baubles: Heraldic Trappings
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Watermarked PDF

Heraldic Trappings

The tenth entry in the Beginner Baubles line, Heraldic Trappings presents 20 dignified and dependable baubles that belong in grand banquet halls and splendid throne rooms. Errant knights, veteran soldiers, valiant heroes, brave bannerets, gallant chevaliers, lords, barons, monarchs, and all other manner of noblemen and noblewomen will all discover a treasure befitting their station here.

Heraldic Trappings includes the following baubles:

  • Abrecartas. Likely found in the hands of a king or queen's trusted servant, this handy letter opener is able to detect the presence of poisons and diseases, and even helps ward its wielder against their depredations.
  • Barliman's Barricade. This enormous bulwark once belonged to a knight from a faraway land, serves as a shield just as easily it might a toboggan or tavern door, and introduces a new armor type to 5th Edition, Tower Shields.
  • Champion's Caparison. This impressive heavy metal plate barding has been designed to protect the horse of a prominent knight or esteemed commander, and benefits both their leadership and the preparedness of their troops.
  • Jester's Jinglestick. This macabre jinglestick features the decapitated head of a smirking kobold and serves as a useful tool for a bard or another kind of entertainer.
  • Perceptive Purse. This unusual, one-of-a-kind tax collector's coin purse sniffs out those with something to hide and forces them into the light.
  • Staynn. This terrifying helmet strikes fear into those stare upon its cold, uncaring visage whilst serving to protect its wearer from whatever danger comes their way.
Beginner Baubles: Maritime Marvels
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Watermarked PDF

Maritime Marvels

The fifth entry in the Beginner Baubles line, Maritime Marvels presents 20 oceanic and nautical baubles perfect for use by seafarers and those who reside in coastal settlements. Buccaneers, explorers, fishermen, pioneers, pirates, privateers, sailors, sea raiders, and others who've learned to live off the fat of the ocean will all discover a watery wonder perfect for their needs contained here.

Maritime Marvels includes the following baubles:

  • Whorl. This unusual hook is affixed to a 10-foot rope and has air valves cut into it so that, when spun, it produces a deep warbling sound similar to whale song. It also introduces a new weapon type to 5th Edition, Hooks, which can be held or else affixed to the wrist of a creature that has a lost their hand.
  • Tub of the Mad Shark. This plain, unassuming bucket of chum is actually tethered to the enduring spirit of the great white shark, Maku-Matas, who waits patiently to be released.
  • Argon Anchor. This briny, barnacle-ridden anchor carries with it the unbridled fury of a tidal wave, making it a useful tool for a hardy vanguard looking to breach-and-clear a den of despots and delinquents.
  • Shipwrecker. This ginormous crossbow is so large and weighty that it cannot be loaded with normal bolts, firing marlinspikes instead. The beastly bowcaster has been known to sink ships as easily as slay sailors.
  • Limey's Locker. This wooden coffer, styled after a classic treasure chest, is the perfect instrument for hiding things that ought never be found.
  • Whaler's Harpoon. This deadly harpoon has been taken on many hunts and see the downfall of a numbe of great and ferocious creatuers, and it's inclusion introduces a new weapon type to 5th Edition, Harpoons.
Beginner Baubles: Religious Regalia
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Watermarked PDF

Religious Regalia

The fourth entry in the Beginner Baubles line, Sagely Impedimenta presents 20 holy and divine baubles perfect for use by the pious and devout. Clerics, paladins, acolytes, cloistered priests, exorcists, missionaries, and other people of faith will find a religious relic perfect for them here.

Religious Regalia includes the following baubles:

  • Censer of Dragons' Wrath. This incense burning censer appears in the guise of three golden dragons and shares a strong affinity for the mighty beings after which it is styled.
  • Clemency. This large, two-handed Zweihänder is used to fight evil spirits and safeguard the souls of those in jeopardy of being such blights upon the world.
  • Empyrean. The only surviving relic of a great basilica that was swallowed whole during a great earthquake, this stained-glass shield serves as a bulwark for the righteous.
  • Guardgoyle. This creepy gargoyle might seem like little more than an odd or unusual accessory, but, should its wearer find themselves in mortal peril, its true purpose is revealed.
  • Ouroboros Chakram. Modelled after the fabled world-eater snake, this exotic and esoteric chakram introduces a new weapon type to 5th Edition, Chakrams.
  • Whytewern. This curious shapeshifting armor serves as a perfect companion for a druid, although it has an unusual affinity for vitiligo and albinism.
Beginner Baubles: Sagely Impedimenta
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Watermarked PDF

Sagely Impedimenta

The sixth entry in the Beginner Baubles line, Sagely Impedimenta presents 20 intricate and ornate baubles perfect for use by sages and great minds alike. Wizards, sorcerers, scholars, academics, savants, wisemen, criminal masterminds, evil geniuses, and others who prize knowledge and understanding over all else will discover a collection of wondrous treasures perfect to pique their interest here.

Sagely Impedimenta includes the following baubles:

  • Astrolabium. This elaborate inclinometer has been weighted for throwing and doubles as a hardy buckler. It can also be used to identify celestial bodies, triangulate position, assess the pitch of a slope or incline, and measure the passage of time.
  • Arcanus Compendum. This ornate spellbook has an unusual air of grandeur and gravitas surrounding it, thanks to the large, glowing arcane seal that runs across its front, spine, and rear.
  • Jandzuroth. If this small, dragon-adorned keep goes to show anything, its that familiars should never be considered the sole domain of wizards.
  • Listrum. This bizarre, gnomish lecturn stands proudly, enshrined in clouds, endowned with angelic wings, choked in vines, and lit by glowing crystals.
  • Mirrorplate. Starting out as a collaboration between a wizard and paladin, something went very awry during the creation of this magicial armor.
  • Swapping Hat. This marvellous hat, sized for a tiny critter, allows a wizard to swap their psyche with that of their familiar.
Beginner Baubles: Spoils of War
Regular price: $2.74
Bundle price:
Watermarked PDF

Spoils of War

The third entry in the Beginner Baubles line, Spoils of War presents 20 dangerous and deadly baubles perfect for use on the battlefield. Soldiers, gladiators, warriors, mercenaries and sellswords, fighters, barbarians; and anyone else born for battle will find an instrument of war perfectly tailored to their needs here.

Spoils of War includes the following baubles:

  • Jötynnbaen. This weathered, decaying old maul-turned-meat-tenderizer serves as an able weapon in the ongoing war against troll encroachment.
  • Nordenzeik . Despite its size and weight, this stone greatsword of a forgotten kingdom is far better at preserving the peace, than it is at taking lives.
  • Pavise Shield. Designed to be wielded by specialized archers and bowyers, this enormous shield introduces a new armor type to 5th Edition, Tower Shields.
  • Sprocket of the Warmonger. Once belonging to an infamous siege weapon, this impressive cog comes with an even more impressive history. It grants those who bear it tremendous luck, seeing them through great trials and tribulations.
  • Marching Sabatons. These platinum boots serve as a tremendous boon to anyone undertaking a long and difficult journey, and to those who accompany them.
  • Bokar's Sticker. This extra potent crossbow attachment provides crossbowmen with a defense against melee attackers whilst also adding a new weapon type to 5th Edition, Bayonets.
Beginner Baubles: Tools of the Trade
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Watermarked PDF

Tools of the Trade

The second entry in the Beginner Baubles line, Tools of the Trade presents 20 nefarious and depraved baubles sure to appeal to those unscrupulous individuals whose moral compass never points to true north. Charlatans, criminals, felons, fraudsters, pirates, rogues; and anyone else with a chaotic, neutral, or evil alignment will find something very much to their liking here.

Tools of the Trade includes the following baubles:

  • Final Sting. The terrible tools of an assassin, this set of deadly concealed claws introduces a new weapon type to 5th Edition, Bagh Nakh.
  • Sovereignty. This angel-winged cutlass once belonged to a missionary-turned-pirate, and his unusual persona has left its mark on the blade.
  • Playt. This suit of illusory armor can allow any rakish rogue to pass themselves off as a hulking paladin or heavily-armored fighter.
  • Crayona-in-hand. This magical crayon is used by murderers and miscreants to convey secret messages and ward locations against the incursion of prying eyes.
  • Zanziver's Piece. Able to make even a veteran magician jealous, this magical coin can be used to perform a wide array of tricks and feats.
  • Fawlty. Intended to ensnare and entrap those foolish enough to write in it, this peculiar guest book can be used to acquire dark and embarrassing secrets.
Beginner Baubles: Wilderness Essentials
Regular price: $2.74
Bundle price:
Watermarked PDF

Wilderness Essentials

The first entry in the Beginner Baubles line, Wilderness Essentials presents 20 baubles perfectly suited for those with a predilection to appreciate nature and spend time in the wilds beyond the cosseted borders of civilization. Barbarians, druids, hermits, outlanders, ramblers, rangers, recluses, survivalists, and wanderers should all find something to fall in love with here.

Wilderness Essentials includes the following baubles:

  • Barkskin Barrier. Ripped from the remains of a chestnut treant, this telepathic shield has a profound affinity for trees.
  • Clasp of Elvenkind. A gift from an elven prince to the human woman he came to love, this weathered brooch confers the blessings of his people and marks its wearer as a friend to elves.
  • Firstrike. Originating as a result of a chance encounter between a lost dwarven miner and a wish-granting efreeti, this curious tinderbox is anything but ordinary.
  • Myrecloak. Found floating in the dankest, darkest depths of a quagmire, this living cloak proves a useful tool to any forced to traverse its natural habitat.
  • Nirvana. Able to help unlock the true potential of the mind, this unusual staff is formed of gleaming, brightly-polished bone and harbors a dark secret about its former owners.
  • Savoy. A strange legend lies behind this bizarre, other-worldly quiver and goes some way to explaining its unusual properties and the effect it has on arrows interned within it.
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