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Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor Sourcebook
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Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor Sourcebook
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/19/2016 07:54:43

Charting the adventures and background to the Tenth Doctor (played by David Tennant), this book provides loads of resources and ideas for anyone wanting to run their game in this era of the show's history. It also includes material on Torchwood which - as it did on TV - could prove an interesting 'spin off' if you do not want to run a Doctor-based campaign.

Chapter 1: The Children of Time discusses a very mercurial and almost manic Doctor, filled with a sense of justice and pride and, still, remorse for the Time War although he's getting over that a bit. There's a character sheet for him, and also copious details and character sheets for his companions and some important allies - Rose Tyler (a carry-over from the last regeneration), Mickey Smith (Rose's boyfriend and rather neglected), Martha Jones (a doctor of the medical variety and very determined with it), Captain Jack Harkness, Donna Noble (who brought some of the actor's other abrasive comic characteristics to this role), Sarah Jane Smith (a true blast from the past, who was a companion to the Third and Fourth Doctors before being reunited with this regeneration), Wilfrid Mott (Donna's grandfather), Astrid Peth (a companion who might have been but never was), Sally Sparrow ... and many more. This Doctor certainly had a lot of friends, even if many only participated in one or two adventures with him. There's also a wealth of detail about the Ood, a gentle and peaceful alien race, and of course a TARDIS update.

Next, Chapter 2: Playing in the Doctor's Era gets down to actually running your game in the Tenth Doctor's time. Key to this is breakneck, almost frantic, speed. There's also change - the Doctor has an indelible effect on everyone who associates with him, however briefly. There's advice on creating and running story arcs and much, much more. Alien and gadget traits round off the chapter.

Then, Chapter 3: Torchwood explores this fascinating organisation, dedicated to protecting the British Empire from alien influences since 1879. It's a ready-made setting for alternative adventures, and there are plenty of ideas here (who knows, maybe there will be a complete Torchwood supplement one day!). You can find out how to create a Torchwood operative, read the organisation's history and contemplate a handful of adventure ideas. There are also two character sheets, for two of the individuals from the spin-off Torchwood TV series (Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones) although neither are discussed in the text and even their Torchwood base (the one in Cardiff) only gets a passing mention.

Chapter 4: The Doctor's Enemies gives details of Cybermen, Daleks, the Master and... oddly enough... the Time Lords themselves, who end up in opposition to the Doctor. Plenty of detail, background material and character sheets enable you to run any of them with confidence.

The final chapter contains all 44 of the Tenth Doctor's adventures. Each comes with a synopsis of the adventure, notes on running it (including ideas for taking that plotline and running it in a different Doctor's era), follow up adventures and material about any monsters, NPCs or gadgets that have not already been discussed earlier in the book. All fertile ground for the imagination, however you choose to use it!

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