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Scarred Lands Creature Collection (OGL 5e) $14.99
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Scarred Lands Creature Collection (OGL 5e)
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Scarred Lands Creature Collection (OGL 5e)
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Sebastian F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/06/2020 11:32:52

What a great book! Amazing nostalgia and update of infamous Scarred Lands critters reborn as 5E. The artwork, design, and overall appearance of the book is as clean and professional as I could even ask for; the book, from cover to cover, conveys a consistent feel and image for the Scarred Lands. Very importantly, the book does NOT waste a chapter on rehashing definitions of game terms related to monsters (or potentially worse...there is no "redefining" or tweaking game rules just for the creatures found within the book). There is literally a splash page with the title artwork, then one page of credits, then one page of Introduction (explaining the page-edge icons), then the monsters start on page FOUR. No wasted space or regurgitated fluff in this book!

Even aside from the book being designed for that setting, it is just packed full of monsters that can appear in any dungeon or campaign. I particularly like the page-edge color-keyed icons: fan the pages just slightly and you can see where in the book the CR16+ critters are....or the critters who primarily inhabit mountains (or whatever other terrain). People who buy the pdf can also benefit from a handful of battle maps at the end; they are full-page and ready to be printed, displayed on a virtual tabletop, or displayed on a tabletop panel. Plus, each battlemap is a different and fully detailed encounter with various nasties in the book.

5/5 for value, 5/5 for content, 5/5 for production.

(Note: I have the PDF and printed version of the book from backing it on Kickstarter. I do not know how the PoD versions look)

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