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One Page Dungeon Compendium 2019 Edition
Publisher: Shattered Pike Studio
by Luke P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/21/2020 16:09:48

This compendium is honestly not worth $3.00 whatsoever. Although it is packed with a good number of one-page dungeons my complaints are the following:

1) There is no cohesive formatting or design. Not a huge deal but the thing looks incredibly ugly and disorganised once you get past the cover.

2) The quality of the one-page dungeons varies wildly. The ceiling on their quality is also not especially high (though there are a small number of really strong ideas).

3) most of the dungeons (perhaps 80-90%) are unusable filler. Some of the really strange material probably has its place and its fans; however, so much of the book is franly wacky, ugly looking, amateur work. It's not that this stuff wouldn't be cool or interesting if I'd come across it in the right context, but it's not what I want to find in a $3.00 resource.

This whould be a pay-what-you-want item at best.

If you are the average DM looking for neat, useable ideas for your campaigns: spend your money elsewhere or find similar products for free.

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One Page Dungeon Compendium 2019 Edition
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