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Victoriana - Jewel of the Empire
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Victoriana - Jewel of the Empire
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Victoriana - Jewel of the Empire
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 10/12/2016 14:18:48

228 Pages. This is a hefty tome. It covers India and it's place not just in the British Empire, but in the Victorian world. We get the requiste lands, geography, people and relgion of India in 1867, but also some discussion on the various religions. Like all religions in Victoriana this is through the lens of the world. So license was taken with some of these. Obviously this was not meant to offend Hindus any more than the Core book was meant to offend Catholics or Anglicans. So keep in mind these are the religions of a game world, not the real world. Some new races are included including some new and changed Beastmen. There are new magics, spells, monsters and plenty of NPCs to populate this huge country. Enough detail here to make you want to run nothing but India-based Victoriana games for a long time. I know I want to do exactly that! Great for Victoriana and at least 2/5ths of it is also great for any other Victorian game as well.

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