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Heroic Maps - Geomorphs: Highway Core Set $3.90 $3.12
Publisher: Heroic Maps
by Jeffrey C G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/17/2014 15:54:23

Very nice map tiles! Very colorful and bold with good quality art. Flexible for assembly if used for tabletop miniature gaming. I plan on using them for VTT which brings in the only complaint I have- the JPG files only have grids- there is no gridless version (which would be better for me since I use hex-based movement). I have now bought several of these sets. One word of caution- most of the older sets from these guys do not have the VTT JPG files and are just PDFs. Especially the old Dungeon and Sewer ones would be terrific for me if they ever made the jump to VTT! I recommend these highly, so long as you make sure you read carefully as to what you are getting (with the older sets)! Good stuff!

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Creator Reply:
Hi Jeffrey,

Many thanks for the kind and positive review. We\'re really pleased you like the artwork, and intend to use them. In response to your comment regarding grids, I\'m afraid that\'s not something I can easily change. The grid is integral to the artwork, and isn\'t just a grid layer over the top that can be toggled on and off. Despite this we hope you can still use them as they are. Secondly, regarding the VTT versions of older maps - we\'re in the process of updating the earlier maps and providing VTT/Jpeg versions. It wasn\'t something we started out doing, and introduced VTT versions about 15 products ago :)

Thanks - Joe & Sarah, Heroic Maps
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Heroic Maps - Geomorphs: Highway Core Set
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