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Heroic Maps - Edgmoor Manor $3.90
Publisher: Heroic Maps
by Stephen M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/26/2014 01:49:09

Pros: These are gorgeous maps. There is both a ruined and an intact version of the manor in this set. They are both very well done. The colors are great and the graphics are top notch. Cons: I had a couple of concerns with these maps though. First, the files are setup for only A4 size paper. This really is not a problem except that I did not realize that was the case until after I printed them on letter-sized paper. The end result was that there was a 1/4 inch strip missing between every sheet top and bottom. Again, this was my fault and I suppose I could have possibly avoided the gap if I had selected the shrink to fit option when printing, but I never do that. Second, there are no doors in the pictures. The walls are mostly solid without any means to enter some of the rooms. The publisher does have a free pdf with doors that can be placed on top of the manor map, but small doors tend to shift around and lose their place. Overall: Overall this a great set of maps. The graphics are crisp and the colors are well done. I most likely will purchase other maps in this line in the future. I would definitely prefer if the maps were also available in Letter-size as well as A4, but again this is not really a "deal breaker" in my opinion. It just should be known before wasting a number of sheets of printer paper.

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Heroic Maps - Edgmoor Manor
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