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Rogue Trader: Battlefleet Koronus $19.95
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by Todd K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/05/2015 17:41:43

The book itself is excellent, however the publisher is not taking advantage of the freedom PDF allows. The creatures in the book are still printed as though it was a physical product, instead of using extra pages so each creature or vessel only takes up one page, instead of being printed part on one page, and part on another.

For example, on page 104, the Planetary Assault ship has the picture and fluff on one page, and the statistics on page 105. If the Assault ship had been solely on page 105, only one page would be necessary to print out (or to view on various PDF readers).

This would lead to extra empty space in the book, but that could be filled with images or fluff stories (often associated with whatever else is on the page). Page 104 has a Soulcage ship, and adding a story at the bottom about one raiding a colony would be a good filler.

The filler could even be available online as a free download, for those that bought the physical copy.

So overall an excellent book, but FFG needs to take advantage of what PDF allows, instead of just doing a copy using the physical book's limits.

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Rogue Trader: Battlefleet Koronus
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