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Heroic Maps - Explorer: Wild Places 2 $5.50 $4.40
Publisher: Heroic Maps
by Ken J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/12/2016 13:39:08

Wild Places 2 is a standalone set, comprising 8 10x12 battle maps.

While truthful, this description does not tell the tale. Printed on a standard printer on a 11x17 sheet, either 28mm or 1" grid, these locations are beautiful. As the raw images are 300dpi, the details and colors lend to detailed and interesting backdrop to an encounter. Note I say encounter. As published, they are not battle maps in the sense of flanking and movement of a medium to large party (4-8 characters) against any other same size party. However, as a roleplaying encounter map, where a member of the party splits off from the group for a run-in with random plot moving point, or the party is meeting/planning with a NPC or alternatively, a duel/skirmish location, they are excellent as published.

Now, to get the full use of this set, you need to think outside the box, and do some prep work. I took the VTT gridless images into Microsoft Publisher onto a created paper size of 20x24 and sized the image to fill the page. I then placed a table of 24 rows and 20 columns brought forward on the page. Resized the table to 20x24 making a 1” grid. I then change the interior/exterior border color of the table to a light gray.

By doing so, I now have eight 20x24 battlemaps. Both swamp maps (Foetid Bog and Humid Swamp) work fantastic at this larger size. Nice flanking, and ambush potential. At the double size the Shallow Falls map becomes a challenge by itself to traverse. Add archers on the far side of the river and you have a deadly encounter. River Cairn, the cairn becomes a little big, but at 6x6 you can cover with a tower, house, hut, shrine etc. and the usefulness is multiplied. Every one of these maps became far more useful at 150dpi at this larger size. Very useable, flexible and far better than what I can draw up on a dry erase map.

For this set, the option of plotting at a larger size is nice viable option and extends this product beyond the intended design, and truly into a battlemap. With all of the choice locations provided, Wild Places 2 gives us what we need from a set like this. Very viable as you get the most used locations in a standard encounter, and only missing mountains/cliffs (however the waterfall can be used as such) While I like this set more than the first, they complement each other extremely well and are worthwhile to purchase both.

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Heroic Maps - Explorer: Wild Places 2
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