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Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk Pay What You Want
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Carl D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/14/2018 18:51:14

Interface Zero is a great cyberpunk setting for Savage Worlds. This setting is more a future based on scientific advances instead of something like Shadowrun which has magic and mythical creatures. Characters can be androids, artificial humans, animal/human hybrids, and even computer brained meat bags. All the usual trappings are here--including cyberware, mechs suites, drones, hacking, megacorporations, huge sprawling cities, and even space colonies.

The history and setting flavor is well thought out and makes an interesting backdrop for the game. There are several tropes from the genre that are used at the same time. The world has had a limited nuclear war in asia, the United States falling into civil war, a meltdown of the global networks, loss of natural resources, and even a land war between Russia and China. Some might think this is overkill but many of these ideas are focussed in a particular area of the world which allows the GM to explore different ideas.

I normally play Savage Worlds and the setting rules are generally welll thought out. The hindrances and edges make sense and add good flavor. Hacking is easy to use in the game without too much complication. I appreciate that the psionic and cybermonk arcane skills stick with trapping existing powers. This is a big book with a ton of material on the world. Some areas (like Chicago) are given more details than others but you can find something interesting in every part of the world.

The artwork is well done and makes this a very attractive book. Except for a few fundamental setting rule additions (like hacking), this setting stays very true to the Savage Worlds core rules. One of my favorite settings for Savage Worlds.

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Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk
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