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Under the Skin (Hunter: The Vigil) $6.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Flames R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/16/2009 19:22:12

While the cover art left much to be desired, the overall layout again was stylish with its widescreen format. I also like the icon detailing the number of scenes, physical, mental, and social difficult settings, and suggested experience levels for the adventure. This makes it absurdly easy for a Storyteller to pick up the right adventure for the right group. The settings to the adventure fully lived up to its iconic promise.

The adventure, rich with promise, is a bit of a letdown. The single strongest aspect to it is the time frame. Once the players are introduced to the adventure’s hook, they have a limited amount of time to make things right. Sadly, the time frame also becomes a bit of an unwanted hassle for this adventure. Answering the question of “what is right” proves to have more than two dozen written possibilities (great!). Once you include the players and their own imagined world, those possibilities are endless (awesome!). No storyteller wants their players to be mired down by indecision, hence the time restraint; however, it seems pointless to include both factions.

Putting the game aside for the moment, let’s look at the writing itself. Henley’s writes well and invokes the right atmosphere with apparent ease. I’d like to read this adventure as a short story. His writing is consistent throughout the adventure and properly edited. I would revisit the writer again to see what other twisted thoughts might come from him.

The game portion itself just doesn’t wow me in the least. I tend to try things three times before writing them off, be it a television show, new group, or game. I would chalk this adventure up as a strike, despite the fact there are some seriously devious fragments worth mining from it. If you need a quick pick-up game that requires little preparation, this will probably fit your needs; otherwise, I’d give it a pass. This leads me to scoring it as:

Artwork (overall): 1 Die Layout: 5 Dice Writing (overall): 2 Dice Overall: 2.5 Dice

Review by Todd Cash

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Under the Skin (Hunter: The Vigil)
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