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Dark Temple T&T solo $13.95 $4.50
Publisher: Flying Buffalo
by MARK G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/08/2020 14:38:52

A Mini-Campaign Solo Adventure Dark Temple is exemplary of what a solo adventure should be. It's exciting, fun to play, and incorporates a lot of different landscapes into several different adventures. It uses the Tunnels and Trolls rules to great effect, avoiding the tedium that many solos fall into where the adventure becomes a grind. In Dark Temple, long sections of travel are dealt with quickly and in a way that keeps it interesting, while intense encounters still get all the attention they deserve.

Dark Temple includes both overland and dungeon-style adventure. It's suitable for all the standard character types--Warrior, Wizard, Rogue (and Paragon or Warrior-Wizard), and plays very well with all Types. It can be played with any version of the T&T rules you care to try it with, the author says from 5th edition through Deluxe, but I'm betting a 4th edition character would fare well here, too. Significantly, this adventure plays excellently with spell-casters, allowing them to do their thing without being hampered by strict spell limitations.

The choices allow for your character to express their character throughout. Are you cagey and careful, full of bravado and bluster, or whatever, there are choices here that will suit your character's character. The encounters are well designed, and give your character a chance to approach them in different ways.

There are several paths through the adventure, and while there are points where several paths come together, there is a lot of replay value here as well. For less than the price of a movie ticket (which is unavailable as I write this because of Coronavirus shutdowns), you get many hours of great roleplaying entertainment.

For DM's, too If you're a DM, I recommend picking this up to look at how it handles resolution on many of the situations, it makes a good primer on DMimg a T&T game as well. You could equally well run it as a DMed adventure with a group, though you'll probably want to make some notes, unscramble some of the key paragraphs for yourself, and scale the encounters for your players.

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Dark Temple T&T solo
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