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The Black Hack Second Edition $6.00
Publisher: Gold Piece Publications
by Stephen G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/25/2020 09:40:46

So I like the system! I really really do but it's got some MAJOR flaws with it. After about 1 and a half campaigns that I've run now, I've had issues that both infuriate me and my players. First off, combat is swift and EASY!! First level can be a bit of a challenge if you're unlucky with rolls, otherwise there is hardly any threat of death if your character has armor. The armor system is novel, makes sense, and gives armor purpose but it is severely over powered. Each piece has an armor value of 1-3 i think, each value can deflect 100% of damage at the expense of 1 value. 100%!!!!! Warriors can have up to 4 at lvl 1, that means they can take 4 straight hits before taking damage!!! Speaking of warriors, they can attack a number of times equal to their HD!! At lvl 3-4, they are knocking out combat encounters by the second turn, First turn if your party has 2 warriors! Virtually every other class is useless, for combat anyways, as the warrior will out do even the wizards in damage ever... single... turn! The other classes are only useful in RP scenarios.

I like the monsters! They're easy to make and adjust to whatever level you need them to be. Though their skills are not consistent with the rules. For example there are monster attacks that call for DEX saves when the system says to roll on STR for close combat. Well this is close combat and now my players are wondering why I'm making them roll for DEX. It's inconsistent and my players are constantly confused.

The only thing consistent about this system is the damage players do. Warriors will always do 1d6 per hit, Clerics will always hit 1d6, thieves hit for 1d6, and wizards hit for 1d4. It never changes no matter what weapon they carry which kind of makes weapons cosmetic only (there is unarmed damage but whatever).

I know I'm complaining about combat and OSR games aren't supposed to be all about combat, but I could do nothing to make the players feel threatened by combat and combat turned into their easy way out of any situation. It's that laughably mundane and easy for them. Sadly I may be moving on to another system, and I suggest you all do the same, or go back to the first edition. I'm sorry but this system lacks any sort of longevity.

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The Black Hack Second Edition
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