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Deathwatch: Rites of Battle $24.95
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by NB N. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/20/2011 22:17:26

Does your genetically perfect super soldier in hulking power armor feel a little lacking? BUY THIS BOOK! Yeah, as with all of Fantasy Flight's Warhammer 40K supplements, there are hundreds of pages of new amazing stuff for your Space Marine. There are new Chapters that are sure to be fan favorites. Is your favorite Chapter still not there? Build your own with the new rules. There are tons of other new options for every Marine, deeds, distinctions, and even advanced specialties. Um . . . my Techmarine can literally die and be entombed in a giant rolling mech-fortress as a specialty. Check that box.

Want more awesome stuff? It's got that too. More weapons, gear, power armor, vehicles, and more. There are new mechanics for renown, gaining honors, and requisitioning crazy stuff from the Imperium. Finally, the book adds a ton of information on Watch Fortress Erioch for your campaign with NPCs, adventure seeds, and even prisoners onboard. This supplement just makes me that much more excited for my next Deathwatch game.

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Deathwatch: Rites of Battle
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