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Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition $24.99 $17.49
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Yui F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/22/2020 11:27:35

a major & necessary overhaul for the changeling line. pretty much is changeling's revised edition, with a large amount of diversity and detail added to a game that always embodied the best about the world of darkness setting. i love stuff like changeling the lost, but for me this is the true version of gothic fae roleplaying that fans have always wanted. if you're even vaguely interested in changeling the dreaming, buy this, you won't regret it. it's a shame that we won't get a huge amount of material for c20 like v20 got, because in many ways this is the most developed 20th anniversiery edition of all of them. given how this game isn't the most popular, we might not even get a changeling 5th edition at all from paradox, or at the very least not until a far-off date like 2029, so this is the best version we might have for a long while.

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Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition
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