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Supers & Sorcery - 5e Campaign Setting $19.95
Publisher: Daylight Publications
by Darren C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/27/2020 23:04:25

I was very intrigued by the concept of this setting, as I think there is the potential for a great supers game built into 5e. Supers & Sorcery certainly touches on some good ideas, but overall it ends up a little too tied to the setting, Ghaistala, which to me was a little too heavy on the fantasy elements - I was never quite clear on what makes the characters super heroes versus fantasy heroes. Ghaistala came across to me as a high magic fantasy setting with some technological elements, but with so many of the creatures in the setting having strange powers and abilities and lots of magic as kind of a default state of being it makes it a little harder to see the PC's as special heroes. Not that this can't work - but it is more Thor Ragnarok than Metropolis or Gotham. And most of the book serves the purpose of supporting the setting, and I think it does that pretty effectively, and there is a lot here with 216 pages, but I hoped to see more of what is briefly touched upon in chapter 9 which describes different kinds of super hero stories you might focus on for a campaign; I may not have been attentive enough to the kickstarter campaign as I think I was expecting something a little closer to a universal 5e super powers compendium rather than what is very much a setting book. The chapter on creating your campaign had strangely about just as much space provided as for the two new player character races, one of plant people and one kobold-gnome hybrid, which appeared at the very beginning of the book, neither of which seemed to me particularly central to the setting, other than to emphasize two main themes I drew from the book - creatures from across the multiverse have been appearing on Ghaistala for some time now, and on Ghaistala every creature seems to have the ability to mate with every other creature found there. There were some other interesting character options in the subclasses, but neither the super powered origins nor the archon class did much for me. I particularly liked the fighter as superhero subclass and the warlock wielding a power ring on behalf of the "cosmic light."

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Creator Reply:
Hi there Darren!

So, thanks for leaving the review and your opinion, it helps us to prep for future projects. Let me hit on a couple of the points you make! Firstly, I'll address the supers vs. fantasy. When we initially set out to make S&S, at the core of it was that we were still going to keep it as a high fantasy setting, but we would add comic book flavor. We didn't want to overload the setting with tons of new mechanics and powers and abilities, and wanted to make Ghaistala and Beacon as sandboxy as possible. So, we offer the new subclass options, feats, adventures, NPCs, and the other content we have for S&S. We were never planning to unload everything comic book/super into S&S because we still wanted to keep it rules light and story heavy.

Secondly, this was our first ever Kickstarter, and we had limited resources, writers, and time to be able to put this together, so we tried not overwhelm the team by asking too much. So, the gnobold and chloryfolk are samplers of what more could appear in Beacon, which we wanted to leave up to the player - this is similar with the subclass options, as we knew there was SO MUCH we could hit on with the plethora of comic book fanfare there is. We had to make sure we didn't go too overboard, and leave plenty of space for other folks to build and create. Which actually connects perfectly to my third point.

One of the things we have done with S&S is open it up for other creators to join and write content under the S&S label - so if you want to add more to the universe to get more of that superhero element you want to see, reach out to us and we would love to chat about what you think! At the end of the day, S&S is meant to be a launchpoint for other players and DMs, and at its core is a sandbox setting with just enough to get your group rolling. Hopefully in the future, there will be more S&S products to help get you to that point where Beacon clicks for you!

Thanks again for the review, Darren, and your thoughts.

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Supers & Sorcery - 5e Campaign Setting
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