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Wicked Ones $19.99
Publisher: Bandit Camp
by Clemens L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/19/2021 14:50:20

About the book One of the best rule books I have read so far. The cell-shading art style is superb, fitting the tone (dark but humorous) nicely (I love the imps). The typesetting and design of the pages are on point, visually pleasing and very easy to read, same goes for the writing style - rarely have I read a rule book this easy to grasp. Everything is explained in detail with refreshing clarity and simplicity, padded with hints and a gracious amount of examples from play so you always know how to apply what you just read. The book offers everything you need to start playing and more, giving you a complete guide on how to set up your first few sessions, what to be aware of when making your own content and much much more.

About the system Being evil, building your own dungeon with others and a free flowing narrative are strong points of this system - and it is a joy to play. The rules actively support and reward good roleplaying (for example staying in character for arguing in discussions). Integrating your own ideas, themes or worlds is extremely easy (you come up with your own region and its factions for example), sessions can have relaxing dungeon-building phases or tense and dramatic raids on enemy factions with your Wicked One's life always on the line. It never gets boring and there always is a bigger village to burn and pillage to further your master plan.

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Wicked Ones
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