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Wrath & Glory - Forsaken System Player's Guide
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by Jacob S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/28/2021 07:01:12

Forsaken System Player's Guide is one of the surviving ideas from the previous license holders Ulisses Spiele North America, at least according to what they discussed as to their plans from Gencon a few years ago.

It had a different title then, but the idea remained intact, a book expanding largely Imperially aligned archtype options and adding a few extra mechanics to the overall system while expanding on the lore of the Gilead System.

The Forsaken System Player's guide delivers on all those fronts, and even gives the previously only available "beta" rules for Ogryn and Ratling species archetype a release as well.

Included mechanically are:

  • New Frameworks: under the guise of expanded Patron selections
  • Duties & Strictures: Faction expansion that ties into Endeavours
  • Character Options:
    • Species:
      • Kroot
      • Ogryn
      • Ratling
    • Archetypes:
      • Dialogus-
      • Imagifies
      • Seraphim
      • Canoness
      • Astartes Apothecary
      • Astartes Chaplain
      • Astartes Librarian
      • Primaris Reiver
      • Tech-Adept
      • Sicarian Infiltrator
      • Sicarian Rustalker
      • Tech-Priest Dominus
      • Confessor
      • Ratling Sniper
      • Ogryn Warrior
      • Bullgryn
      • Lexmechanic
      • Interrogator
      • Kroot Mercenary
  • Exanded Wargear: for accompanied archetypes
  • Librarius Discipline: For the Librarian
  • Endeavours: Downtime actions between adventures for agents to get ahold of information, equipment, or train themselves for what is to come.

My only issue really is that nearly 2/3 of the book is dedicated to lore, and while that lore is nice and there are plenty of adventure seeds many oldguard Black Industries and Fantasy Flight Games fans of the d100 systems remember the equivalent of this book in 'Inquisitor's Handbook' and the like, and those had more content. Hopefully this will even itself out with the release of 'Church of Steel' in the coming months as it is set to reintroduce the cut vehicle and starship rules from the USNA version.

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Wrath & Glory - Forsaken System Player's Guide
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