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Interface Zero Hacking 2.0 $3.98 $2.67
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Ron T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/05/2012 20:39:14

Quick Look: This is a streamlining of the Interface Zero Rules regarding Hacking. Interface Zero already created a different style of Hacking that Shadowrun or Cyberpunk. As the Hacker doesn't jump into the system, instead he manipulates objects in real-time, the TAP providing him insight as to what's happening visually in hyper reality (Basically a skin over the real world). Only the new hacking rules make it more sleek, bringing it back in line with the Fast, Fun, and Furious design philosophy of Savage Worlds. It's a 14 page PDF. Mostly Crunch, with fluffy examples. I especially love the art on page 6 and the layout artwork.

Main Review: I'll break the review out into quick sections, There's a nice cover illustration, followed by the ToC, then on Page 1 David Jarvis introduces the book and how it came about through feedback with players. Page 2 and 3 cover the changes to the skills, edges and hindrances, including removal of some to complement the streamlining. Pages 4 through 7 describe the Hyper Glove in detail, including the basic modes, control, edit and destruction. The hyper glove itself can be quite the expensive piece of hardware once it's all tricked out, but you're gonna need it if you're hacking a Military Access Network! Page 8 is pretty neat, as it lays out all the Mods for the Hyper Glove, from the Lethal Mod (making your VR attacks lethal damage), to the VR Overlay Mod, letting you re-skin the world with a theme of your own choosing, So if your character wants to see the world in a medieval theme, guards might have repeating crossbows? Page 9 and 10 covers the actual hacking rules, yup, just page 9 and half of 10, simple = fast, fun & furious. The other half of Page 10 to the end covers the different networks and the consequences of failing a hacking roll against them. From the simple Public Access Network, where you might just get nailed for 1d12+2 non-lethal damage at the worst, to a Military Access networks where you might get your synapses fried to a crisp by 3d10 LETHAL damage, all the while locking down the building and powering down, you're in deep in the deep at the mo' ami!

Cost: $1.99 for PDF

Value: It's a bit pricey for a core update, but it's definitely a must have! If it wasn't such a great update, I would say wait for the full book, but if you're playing...get it NOW!!!

Rating: Epic, the new rules really are much simpler and willl lead to faster games, and best of all, the other players aren't sitting around waiting for you to be DONE hacking the system...

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Interface Zero Hacking 2.0
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