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Interface Zero Hacking 2.0 $3.98 $2.67
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Dillard R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/13/2012 14:20:08

Two dollars is a steal. If you have bought Gun Metal Games before you may even be able to get a coupon for a dollar off. Check out their website.

IZ 2.0 in it's glorious entirety is scheduled to come out later this year. This product offers the Basic Hacking rules only. Advanced stuff like hacking vehicles, weapon hacking and even brain hacking will be coming out with the new and improved version.

What you do get is Fast, Fun and Furious. Gone are the "ghosting" rules. Added are rules for "hyper gloves" that allow you to manipulate Hyper Reality at range (albeit hand grenade ranges).

The rules are simplified and fall in line quite nicely with the normal modifier system used in Savage Worlds Explorer and Savage World's Deluxe additions.

Everyone that wanted a hacking system for Savage Worlds that is FFF and doesn't lose the flavor of Cyberpunk these are a great introduction at a great price.

Like Savage Worlds itself this system is "simple like Chess". Easy to learn, with all the levels of complexity you could hope for or need with little likelihood of getting bogged down.

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Interface Zero Hacking 2.0
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