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Interface Zero Hacking 2.0 $3.98 $2.67
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Guy S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/17/2013 16:53:55

Hmmm...although very aggressively priced I was a little disappointed with this product. It purports to present a full relaunch of the IZ netrunning rules but in fact falls short mostly as it was never finished. What you get is an admittedly intriguing alternative to some of the netrunning rules concertraing mostly on introduction of the 'Power Globe' device as a unique netrunner tool, and removing the universal hacker powers formerly considered the norm for all TAP equipped citizens. What you don't get is the much hinted at exxtended rules for avatar based hacking, leaving at least this prospective GM of the system suspended between options. I am advised that the reason this was not completed was that the IZ 2.0 rule set will provide the full version and as a supporter of the Kickstarter project I anticipate this greatly. As it is though, I do not feel this product added a great deal for me at this stage and if i decide to run the system before IZ2.0 emerges I'll use the rules pretty much as-is or with the downloadable 1.5 variant you can find elsewhere.

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Interface Zero Hacking 2.0
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